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IMAGE and Imaging share the same etymology of Imagination viz. I MAGI NATION.
 short for
 short for
 videre licet
 we dare a leak et
 in other words
To Imagine is to Image (v), it is to visualize and thusly manifest. Therefore the imaginary is not the unreal. All that humankind has made in this world began as an idea, imagineered into existence. ART is creation and it is the original MAGIC. What’s called “magic” today is merely illusionistic tricks. Real MAGIC is any form of ART (IMAGE SOUND MOVEMENT WORD) that is implemented in the Phi Ratio. Which is to say aligning your images sounds movements and words with the universal flow, an objective natural pattern that pervades the universe. A quantum leap from “the path of least resistance,” when this is achieved the wind is in your sails.

I MAGI NATION demonstrates the same PARADOX of individual vs collective as “acea” latin for “family” used for classifications in taxonomy, pronounced Ay•See•Ay (originally pronounced Ah•Key•Ah) originally meaning “belonging to, of the nature of” …but who? I/It/He/She/They are belonging to such and such family. The original “I” was pronounced Ah and having the two straddling syllables sharing this one sound shows us that the collective is comprised of individuals, “what is the ocean but a multitude of drops.” Separation is an illusion. The duality of individual vs collective is an illusion. Us and Them is an illusion. THEY IS WE. The concept is reflected in Namaste, Real Recognize Real, Takes 1 To Know 1 and I N I (which not only reflects the concept, but also shares this pattern of straddling vowels, linguistically illustrating it.

ART is creation and it is the original MAGIC. “Art” also means “Are” (as in “Romeo Romeo Wherefore Art Thou Romeo”) showing us that we are what we create. Our creations are an expression of who we are. I Art Thou, n Thou Art Art …this means I Am You n You Are Art (a creature/that which is created) …it also means You Art (Create) Who You Are… The etymology of Art shows us the PARADOX: we are creatures with the ability to create.

Image, Imaging, Imagine, Imagination (Etymology continued…) Magician, Magi, Mage, May (am able/has the power to do), Might (bodily strength, power) Make and Ma (the divine Feminine). Magh is the Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to be able, have power.” Ma being the etymological root from which all these words stem from. All words can be distilled down to one single syllable usually a broad emotional essence, a corresponding sound or feeling… The M consonant is Mmmm… the feeling of yummm, the sound of a baby nursing, combined with one of the most powerful vowels: Ah together represent MA The Mother, Power Of Creation, ART.

Also: Maggie, Magpie, Magenta, Magnesium, Magnetic, Magnificent, Mammalia




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