Neo Surrealism

Neo is more than new/current, it is reinvented/progressed forward. Traditional surrealism made in the 21st century is contemporary surrealism. Neo Surrealism is a renaissance! This evolution earns the title of neo for bringing the automatic style of surrealism outside of art itself, into travel and lifestyle.

The goal is for the jazz musician to take a new type of stroll, a plan to have no plan. Become the instrument, your life the song. Can the automatic artist follow another type of line; to channel the course of their journey? The freestyle rapper kicks a true freestyle, spontaneously ventures forth with no set destination or duration, not vacation, this is TRAVEL. The ecstatic dancer already knows, they'll go with the flow, grow with the flow, on the road, always home. The improv comedian rolls with the punchlines, surfs, bobs and weaves.

The way art movement bends into spirituality reminds us that it’s a path that has been walked many times …the tao, the way of the buddha, etc. Thus is the PARADOX of this reawakening or any. Each revival/renaissance reinvents and progresses forward yet at the same time all art forms (with the broadest meaning of what art could be) eventually refine to the point of channeling so pure the artist experiences the spiritual communion of total involvement. This is to say that all roads lead to hOHm. It makes me wonder if I would be naturally inclined to write an artist statement had my school not already taught me to …or if it’s just human nature (maybe ego nature) to coin words and write manifestos. Certainly every revolutionary stepping stone throughout history has made a significant leap forward from what was widespread at the time, its just that the resounding insight from each step makes this clearer:

We are Co Creators who are ONE with EVERYTHING

…so it might not matter what word is used for an idea, let alone the name of who articulates it. This PARADOX is reflected in the etymology of renaissance which is defined as revival/reawakening, translates literally from rebirth (usually in a spiritual sense, as in born again) and has evolved through meaning both “to birth” and “to be birthed.” Creatures with the ability to create.

Surrealism, n. Pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to

express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the

real functioning of thought. Dictation of thought in the absence of

all control exercised by reason, outside of all aesthetic and moral


Surrealism is defined by André Breton as pure psychic automatism and it’s important to note the phrase, “or by any other manner.” This broadens the definition beyond automatic writing and automatic drawing to include any improv art from jazz music to freestyle rap, jam bands, improv comedy, flow arts, touch improv / ecstatic dance and more. Essentially this includes the tribal dancing, chanting and drumming of ancient civilizations that long precede any cave painting. This style, channeling, could be considered the spirit of art itself, regardless of how its articulated.

We are ALL 1 with MAGI NATION

YOU are The Neo Surrealist 4ree4orm CO CREATOR

Neo Surrealism, n. Pure psychic automatism – thru life.

It expands on the philosophies of André Breton and the Surrealist Movement considering the philosophies of the New Age Movement, being a practice in all spheres of life (not just art) and in its general direction toward spirituality.

Neo Surrealism is Holistic Automatism – throughout life – it is improvisational living. Improvisation in all parts of life in order to synchronize with the universe opening up a pathway toward one’s greatest version. Essentially, creating your own reality: a long-term performance art piece.